Taiwanese Contemporary Art Museum [Photo Dump]

I happen to love weirdo contemporary art. So I took a ton of photos at this particular museum. It was pretty much the only museum where I did take any photos. The exhibit they had was weird, but not entirely unpleasant.  

Taipei, Taiwan [Photo Dump]

Finally a photo dump out of China! Contrary to what the Chinese think (who are simply wrong) Taiwan is not a part of China. Chinese people need a visa and a passport to go there, google and facebook et all work there, and they use a different currency. Not to mention it is clean and…

[Photo dump] Some statues in Nanjing

I had a trip to Nanjing with a friend. I didn’t find the city to be too nice, and thus I didn’t take many pictures, but these statues impressed me. Or maybe it was Ningbo? I don’t know China is all the same anyway.