[Photo-Dump] Cividale del Friuli

As the quarantine winds down, we can begin to travel again. Cividiale del Friuli is a picturesque town (or a smallish city) in the north-east of Italy.

[Mini Photo-Dump] Opatia, Croatia

I mentioned a few months ago that I did some medical tourism. I had gone to Opatia, Croatia. I took a few pictures while I was there, and I figured I should show them off. There aren’t many.

Memory is shit

This blog is mostly just a place for me to dump my thoughts. If at the same time I can get someone to have a laugh, or share something interesting, all the better. But there isn’t really any desire to do what the kids would call ‘original content’. I am not into that at all….

On being annoying

Currently, I am hustling. I don’t have much secure work to speak of, and I am doing what I can. Part of that entails being flexible to whatever comes along, no matter how much I dislike it. There is a teaching aspect to what i am doing, and for as much as I am not…

Medical tourism! A comparison.

One of my biggest gripes about the United States was the broken medical system. When I was last living there I was perhaps straddling the poverty line too hard, and I found myself entirely without medical insurance. As always, it is exactly when you don’t have a safety net that you realize just how sharp…

I did a tourism! part 5 [photo-dump]

Here are some more pictures from Summer 2020, this time from Thessaloniki. I didn’t get a lot of great shots here, as I spent most of my time walking around nostalgically.

S*lF-eMpLoYmEnT – The Bad

Inspiration for this blog comes from many places. Part of it is the pure catharsis of trying to recodify the events of my life in as comical a way as possible. Considering how awful life can be sometimes (all of it, not just my own), little actual work needs to be done. The initial inspiration…

Self Employment – a SHITpost

IF YOU LIKE THIS POST, YOU ARE A MORON AND A SHEEP. I AM LITERALLY INSULTING YOU IN IT! EDIT FROM THE FUTURE: HOLY SHIT, DO PEOPLE NOT READ!? STOP LIKING THIS POST YOU IDIOTS! I THINK YOU ARE YOUR SELF-EMPLOYMENT ARE A SCAM. __________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Since beginning to write this post, the first part in…

I did a tourism! part 4 [photo-dump]

Man, this series has no end! I really took a lot of photos this past summer. All of these are continuations from my trip to Ioannina in northern Greece.

Self employment: The Good

I realize that I am not always the best human being walking the globe. I don’t expect to be. Frankly, I done alright with my mediocrity. But there are at times moments when I realize that everyone is reacting to something and I seem to be reacting in a very different way. My first dose…

When your principles fail, part 3: a new phone.

Before we get onto the meat and potatoes of this story, let’s time travel very briefly to 2017 when I was still living in China. My phone began to act… wonky. That’s about the best description I have of what it was doing1. I couldn’t explain why, I couldn’t give you specifics as to what…

December Music Challenge 2020

Week 49 Red Hot Chili Peppers  – Freaky Styley Right. I didn’t love the first RHCP I listened to this year. I certainly don’t remember it very well here at the year’s end. But while I was researching that album, I saw that RHCP had an album produced by George Clinton. George Clinton is my…