I did a tourism, 6! [Photo-Dump]

These are a few odds and ends photos from my first bit of tourism in Greece. I didn’t know where to put them, so here they are.      

I did a tourism! part 5 [photo-dump]

Here are some more pictures from Summer 2020, this time from Thessaloniki. I didn’t get a lot of great shots here, as I spent most of my time walking around nostalgically.

S*lF-eMpLoYmEnT – The Bad

Inspiration for this blog comes from many places. Part of it is the pure catharsis of trying to recodify the events of my life in as comical a way as possible. Considering how awful life can be sometimes (all of it, not just my own), little actual work needs to be done. The initial inspiration…

I did a tourism! part 4 [photo-dump]

Man, this series has no end! I really took a lot of photos this past summer. All of these are continuations from my trip to Ioannina in northern Greece.

Self employment: The Good

I realize that I am not always the best human being walking the globe. I don’t expect to be. Frankly, I done alright with my mediocrity. But there are at times moments when I realize that everyone is reacting to something and I seem to be reacting in a very different way. My first dose…

2020 as an inverse of China

2020 was a hell of a year, wasn’t it? I am sure everyone reading this had about as good a time as I had. We can look at this in a positive light – for the most part (yes, you can think of some exceptions. I know that I can) it was a very equalizing…

Leaving Chalkida

I’ve finally figured it out. For years now I have been saying that I just do not fall prey to nostalgia. I react to the mere mentions of things like high school reunions with a dead, thousand yard stare and a look of utter confusing, expressing my disbelief that anyone could think such an idea…

When your principles fail (sort of), part 2: The Pinebook

This post is a follow up to this one. Not sure it is urgent, but if you feel confused, read that one first. *** In the previous post, I lamented my previous choice of laptop because I found it somewhat limiting and limited. It just wasn’t allowing me to do the things that I needed…

I did a tourism! part 3 [Photo-Dump]

If it seems like all I am doing these days is vacationing, well, that isn’t exactly the case. These pictures were taken maybe a day after the pictures from my previous photo-dump. I just don’t want this to be a photography blog, largely because I am not all that good at taking pictures. But some…

Some kind of closure

I tried and failed a few times to write a comprehensive conclusion to the series of events that I labeled here with the tag ‘THE JOB THAT SHALL NOT BE NAMED’. I never could manage to do it. I found a handful of metaphor that I though might help, but none of them felt right….