The Laowai Disapproves

From 2015-2017 I lived in China, where I underwent misadventures, and had opinions. I also like to jot these things down as a hobby, albeit poorly. This is the page where I do so regarding that time in China.

Now anyone who comes here may find the opinions expressed here to be mean-spirited, cruel, or perhaps even misanthropic.


Let me say this much: living in China wasn’t easy. Living anywhere that isn’t your country isn’t easy.┬áIn my extreme moments I’d go so far as to say that living isn’t easy. Locus Horribilis, for me, is the catharsis one needs to live abroad. Frankly, expats complain. Sometimes rightly, sometimes not; but the larger point is that this complaining helps us get over it. It’s more necessary than you think. If this bothers you, well, there are other pages on the internet you can visit. But if that’s the case, I recommend you┬ánever come to China.