Getting the fuck out – this time with urgency!


This post is being published on the 12th of May, which is three days before my birthday.

For years, I have had the habit of going out of town for my birthday. The ‘where’ doesn’t really matter. What is important is that I go, and that I try my best to have some damn fun. Last year I went to Munich, and it was kind of worth it. I got shitfaced with strangers, and frankly it was the most fun I had in some time.

This year, however, things are a little different.

I now have a new job, and with at least two other teachers we have broken into their class while they were teaching to sing them happy birthday.

I cannot imagine anything worse than this, at all.

So this year, getting the fuck out of dodge for my birthday is an urgency beyond words.

So, destination?

Nowhere. My job managed to fuck me again. My boss pretty much makes it impossible for me to take any time off. I had to cancel my holiday plans for Easter, and now I have to skip these holidays as well. This job is far too abusive for me to be able to take any holidays. Everyone knows that I have planned these holidays, and so now here comes the real question – is my boss stupid enough to actually want to come into my room when I am teaching and wish me a happy birthday?

Yea, I think they are that stupid. But considering how absolutely angry I am to have had to cancel my own holiday, I hope they reconsider.

In the meantime, maybe I will take a day trip. There are a couple of easy places to get away to. Maybe I will go there.

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