Winter of the dead hobbies (part 3): Fitness

(Hello! Did you know that this post is part of a series, and you can find the other bits of it here and here? Now you do!

Generally, I like to keep busy. I have kept:

“Busy > Bored”

as a personal motto for years. That being said, it is not easy to do. Nor were the reasons I did so virtuous. Keeping busy is the only way I can the depression from truly kicking in. If I keep busy, I don’t notice how much my life sucks. Plus I have been promised for years that if I had a lot of hobbies people wouldn’t find me quite as boring as I am, although that seems to have failed as well.

I like to eat and I like to eat well. This is surprising, considering I have been overweight my whole life. Perhaps not. I like a salad with every meal, and I also like the occasional whole pint of Ben and Jerry’s. What can I say, I contain multitudes. Keeping healthy is a weird double edged sword. I can’t figure out if it was easier to do when I was unemployed, or when I was employed.

When I was unemployed I had time to live healthy actions. I would go to the gym almost daily, I would walk 10k steps almost daily. I would stand up and stretch after every hour that I did something. But there was a big set back, and that was that I had the time to cook myself pretty damn elaborate meals. If I ate, I ate three courses. In my defense, I did eat healthy, but I ate a lot.

The first month or two here I was working 12 hours a day, and I was going out and getting desperation meals a couple of times a week. It had to be done. Since then, I have spent a bit of money buying the resources that make eating better a more viable option. No one seems to agree with me on this, but having the right household equipment makes all the difference to a good diet. Once I had a salad spinner, I ate more salad. My pressure pot ensures I bring a healthy soup to work every day. The downside? I have no time or energy to go to the gym. If I can get to 5k steps, it is a good day. I don’t get up much in my day. In my defense, I am busy as all fuck. I told myself that this would change after a while, but truth be told I am heading into the end of my six month at this job, and there is no end in sight. If anything, I am working a lot more. Will I have time to take care of myself?

No I won’t. I wish it were not so, but those are the facts. Keeping fit seems to be another dead hobby because of this job.

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