Spoke too soon…

A couple of weeks ago I wrote an optimistic little piece about how things seemed to be looking up with my life, particularly when I compared it to how things were back in China, and how things ultimately shook out.

Whelp, I spoke to soon. Just as soon as I published that, my boss changed some rules for how I work, focusing on the profit margin. This gave me morning classes from 7:30am, and evening class until 7:30 am.

It’s like the fucker reads this blog, and does so with extreme spite.

Admittedly, it was only going to be for a period of two and a half weeks. But there go my mornings for three and a half weeks. And two and a half weeks is enough time for me to lose the pattern I was building. Also, knowing this fucking job, all kinds of shit can happen in the space of that time. Things tend to mutate pretty hard.

In other words: fuck!

What is worse, I asked my boss for three days off around Easter, and I was told I could only if I could make some impossible conditions come true first. The impossible conditions being finding teachers for the classes I would miss as well as the classes my direct report would miss while I was gone. But at the same time, a bunch of other teachers will be on Holiday. And we are short staffed to begin with. So I had to cancel my those plans too. What were those plans? Well, aside from just relaxing and spending time with my family, I was meant to go to a doctor, because lord know I haven’t had the time to do it while I was here.

Just when I thought things couldn’t get worse, a teacher got sick and instead of just cancelling their classes, I picked them up. So now my schedule is really fucked.

After the first week and a half of this, I was absolutely exhausted.

Right, I am now on just on the other side of that two week and a half week period where the first guy was on holiday. I still have one of his classes to cover, but in the mean time, I have had to pick up even more classes. How has this worked out in regards to keeping up with those things that make life worth living? Meh. I tried to do as much as possible in the little time I had. I really missed having my mornings to myself. But somehow, I managed to find the time to update this blog post. I read a couple of chapters of a book or two.

In other words, I didn’t lose my whole life to work bullshit. But I lost a lot of it to work bullshit.

The fun never ends…

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