It didn’t dawn on me until someone said it

Ok, one more “hey! new job post”. This will be a short one, I promise. And I do hope these things start to simmer down soon. They might. At some point, as the job becomes monotonous, all of this will get boring and I will stop commenting on it. But until then, I am happy to keep going. At times, this blog is somewhat dry for content, so any little misadventures in life are actually a welcome addition.

The other day, I was making some cold calls at work. I hate cold calling, but it is something that has to be done. Surprisingly, this only resulted in only one person hanging up on me after saying something rude in Hungarian. I didn’t think anything of it – its a natural reaction to getting a cold call. What I did do is turn to my colleague, one who had only been with the company for a few days, and told him about what happened. He offered to call the person back, hoping that by speaking Hungarian the person would have a better reaction.

He was right, and soon I was listening to them chat away in some pretty rapid Hungarian. After a few minutes of conversation, he scribbles down an email address and hangs up the phone. Then, he laughs. He tells me that she had hung up because she thought I was an insurance salesperson. He then proceeds to tell me that he had to tell her that, actually, I was his boss-

And then it hit me. Shit, I was his boss.

It was really jarring. It didn’t dawn on me. I was unemployed a few short months ago. A year ago, I was self-employed. Just about two years ago, I was just a nobody. Now, I was this young person’s boss.

When the fuck did this happen?

Sometimes I worry that I might suffer from some kind of arrested development. I think many of us these days suffer from this feeling (or so I suspect, from reading reddit comments) of not knowing when exactly it was the adulthood was meant to kick in. Largely, we all still feel like children. That was this feeling. I was this guy’s boss? I can barely get out of bed in the morning.

I’m the boss?

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