Random Witnessings

I do think that there are tiny benefits to every little thing.

I am still smoking, or rather I am smoking again, and one great advantage of this is that it gets you outside, still, not doing anything of note. Thus, you are for at least a moment paying attention to things. Here are some of the things I have seen while I having a smoke.

  • A dude was in a busy copy shop, just playing Minecraft. This wasn’t an internet cafe. It was a copy shop. the people around him were scrambling to print CV or whatever the hell people do, and this god damn free spirit was just playing minecraft on one of the computers.

Truly hero status.

  • A food delivery man was waiting outside a door for the people who ordered the food. Two teenagers walk up to him and ask him about the food. He is skeptical, but they produce the right name and show him the order on their app. He hands them the food, they thank him, and then they turn around and walk back in the direction they came from. The food driver looks to me in complete and utter disbelief.

These two legends ordered food to a random address and then went there to pick it up.

  • A scary looking man is walking towards me with the build and dress code of hard living as some kind of gang-banger. But as he walks by me I see the Samus Aran symbol tattoo’d on the side of his neck. That made me figure that the guy couldn’t be all bad.
  • Two people come barrelling down the bike lane near work, one after the other, about three meters apart. Each has a bluetooth earpiece, and both are having a conversation. Seemingly, with each other.

Truly, it is the little things that are the spice of life.

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