New town, whodis?

People following the blog saw that I recently posted my job hunt statistics. That of course means that the job hunt is officially over. I got a job, and I left Italy.

For Hungary. I live in Budapest now.

So far, Budapest has been pretty cool. On that front, that’s all I got.

As for everything else?

Actually, things are pretty ok. And yet…

The past few years have put a lot of fear in me. To shanghai the acronym from the sleazier parts of the internet, it is classic FUD (Fear Uncertainty Doubt). Things have been real rocky for me over the past few years, and it has made me feel something of a fraud. I have constantly been feeling like I am not actually valid as a working adult. Much of this does go back to the absolutely toxic work colleagues I had back in 2020. I think I see that now.

My first few days at the new job helped. They have made me feel like I am actually good for something. Still, when I wrote some of the above sentence I wanted to append ‘for now’ – “the job hunt is officialy over- for now.”

For the past two decades, I have moved every two years. I have lived with a fuck ton of uncertainty. So I am invested in doing a good job both at this new job, and this new town.

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