Job Hunt Statistics


After a lengthy period of unemployment, I got a job. It’s not the job I want. In fact, it is largely a compromise in many respects. But I guess I will fill everyone in on that in a later post. What I wanted to do is give some base statistics that I took in during the job hunt. That being said, life is hard, and I didn’t do a great job collecting data every month. Also, I don’t take this too seriously, so if the numbers don’t line up its because I did the math in my head. Details below.

February – Accuracy 100%

Infromation Captured: Company, Position, Date, Result, Notes

Applied (How many jobs I applied to):70

Rejected (How many places got back to me with a rejection): 9

Ghosted (How many places never even bothered to reply in any way): 60

Turned down: 1

March – Accuracy 100%

Applied: 98

Rejected: 29

Ghosted: 58

Ghosted after a damn interview: 1

Turend Down: 3

April – Accuracy 100%

Applied 128

Rejected 40

Position closed mid-interview: 1

Ghosted: 86

Scam: 1

May – Accuracy ~50%

(May is when I went on vacation for a few days, and that threw a lot of this out of whack. This is where I got talking to a company that looked a little promising, and then led me along for three damn months)

Applied 20

Rejected 6

June and July – Accuracy ~0%

(Pretty much the same as last month, only worse)

August – Accuracy 100%

Applied 11

Rejected 3

Turned down because I had accepted a job: 1

Total Emails received during the job hunt (this includes emails from job boards): 651

Total length of Unemployment: Five months eleven days, 164 days.

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