Watching ‘Utopia’ in 2022

One of the biggest difference between myself and my conspiracy believing family is that I am willing to accept that life is going to have a certain amount of serendipity. Between the fact that we tend to see similarities were there are not any and the fact that reality is a number crunching machine that plays games in the trillions, serendipity is just something that is going to happen.

Utopia is a two season 2013 UK TV series about a group of internet ‘friends’ (they didn’t really know each other) who get caught up in a global conspiracy revolving around a fake pandemic and the rollout of a vaccine.

Cough cough.

The UK version of the show suffers from some pretty bad marketing, as you can see from the featured image of this post. If you don’t know what is going on you won’t exactly be turned on.

Utopia also refers to Amazon’s 2020 remake of that same TV show. It’s the same plot but with a much worse execution.

Part of my delight in having watched the two was the comparison. The morons who made the US version really did think they were making a grittier version of the show. Boy, did they ever fail. It is worse at every conceivable level. Americans seem to think that if you make everything bigger, you make everything better. That’s not the case exactly. Sometimes you just make everything a lot more cartoony. The US version was made by handing the original script and a giant red crayon to the embodiment of Qanon and having them do a revision. The US version of the show not only has portrayals of ‘crisis actors’ in it, but these crisis actors grew up in sort of cult which is led by the aging tech bro/new age guru spearheading the whole conspiracy, and they were raised to be martyrs for the cause. And that is just one example. I could go fucking on all day about how ridiculous this show is.

This whole show is your best argument against the notion that the left controls the media. I am reasonable sure the show is masturbated to by the entirety of a Trump rally.

But the true delight is watching how ever paranoid conspiracy theory of the past two and a half years is all here in this show. The existence of this show suggests one of two things if the so called ”powers that be” actually existed. One, is that they are so lazy in their doom-planning that they would plagiarize wholesale the plot of a minor UK drama. Or, that they would be silly enough to just leak out the plans before hand.

When I take a look at the world as it is, the one thing I am truly convinced of is that no one is fucking in charge.

Right. I watched this show with the fact in mind that I have two vaccine skeptics lab-leak nut jobs in my family. There was always an itch in the back of my mind while watching, a constant reminder that, yea, this is what they believe. But I had a very different feeling. It was similar to something that happened to me while reading Harry Potter (as an adult) many years ago. No matter how engrossed I tried to get into the story (often successfully) there was always a part of me thinking ‘the economics of this just don’t make any bloody sense’ or ‘if this is possible how hasn’t their whole world collapsed?’. I actually thought about showing Utopia to those family members, and showing what kind of a pain in the dick a conspiracy of this nature would actually be, just to see if it would help pursued them.

I ultimately chose against it.

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