Memory is shit

This blog is mostly just a place for me to dump my thoughts. If at the same time I can get someone to have a laugh, or share something interesting, all the better. But there isn’t really any desire to do what the kids would call ‘original content’. I am not into that at all. That’s not what my issues is.

On the 28th of February 2020, before coronavirus was on the truly global scene, the Hello Internet podcast did an episode going on an indefinite hiatus. I listened to that episode and largely enjoyed it, as much as I can enjoy consumable content. Then I went about my business in the normal way. The podcast was missed, but lord knows I had enough other podcasts to keep me going.

A whole lot of life happened in between and I blogged about it here. Largely, it was uneventful. Because of quarantines and lock-downs and all the other things that have gone on I did find myself needing some entertainment. I didn’t have much: I was in a new town, didn’t have colleagues or friends (nor did going out and making new ones make sense during a pandemic), and I didn’t even have a video game controller to distract myself with a video game.

So I watched a lot of garbage on YouTube. I can’t say I am proud of it but that’s how it went.

At some point the YouTube rabbit hole popped me out in the world of Speedrunning. I enjoyed it. And so I wrote a blog post about it. Fine and dandy.

Maybe the day after I did, I re-listened to the last episode of the Hello Internet podcast. It had been something that was on my schedule since about the new year (there’s no real reason why – I purged some phone data, and my podcast player got caught up in it. It thought i hadn’t listened to that episode and downloaded it again. I saw that, and said ‘why not’). When I did listen to it, I found a section where the two hosts talked about Speedrunning.

Well, shit.

It was a bit deluding. Not only because they said pretty much what I had said, but because they said it more eloquently and better.


But if you had asked me the day I wrote the speedrunning post if someone else had talked about it, I would have said no. But I had listened to that episode. I am not sure, however, that I had been influenced on it. Because, for whatever reason, the memory didn’t stick. It likely had nothing to stick on to – because back when I first listened to it Speedrunning was not really on my radar. Not for any significant reason – it just never came up.

The moral of the story here is probably something along the lines of Don’t trust your memory, or If you have a good idea, someone else has had it first.

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