Self Employment – a metapost

Since beginning to write this post, the first part in the series on Self-employment was posted. An interesting thing happened. That post received more likes than any other post I have ever done. Which is strange, because it got fewer views than almost any other post I have ever done. Something here doesn’t add up. So I decided to take a look at who the hell these people were who had taken such a firm liking to my post.

They were all the scammiest scum of wordpress. They all seemed to be people who used wordpress to promote either a business or an information page so that one can start their own business and promote self-employment. There seem to be a whole group of people on the internet who are somehow making a living from home by inspiring people to make a living from home. It sincerely feels like the worlds dumbest pyramid scheme, where everyone teaches a seminar to everyone beneath them  and attends the seminar of those above. It’s seminars all the way down. It reminds of what people used to say about teachers: Those who can do. Those who can’t teach those who won’t how to work from home. I am sure you know what kind of people I am talking about: the kind of people who likely considered what they do on sites  like this as ‘generating content1‘. Whatever the fuck that means.

The pricks.

Right. So this little post is something of a test. I am going to see how many likes I get from the title alone, having just written a paragraph insulting the very people who liked it last time. It’ll be interesting to see.


1 I have a near rapid disgust for the term ‘content’, despite all my other strong linguistic descriptivist leanings. It reeks to me of one of those empty words that people use in the hopes of charging you 20% more for a product that is the same as any other. If you ask me at a bar, I would tell you that I write what pretty much amounts to shiposts on two blogs I run. On my resumes, I guess I generate content.

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