Fortune Favors the Bold! [Photo-Dump]

In my previous photo-dump I mentioned that I had gone to Meteora. Well, the plot is a little thicker than that.

The first day I got to the town just outside of Meteora in the blazing heat of noon. The hostel matron told me I would be a fool to go up to the monastaries right then and there, so why not wait a few hours then go check out a nice sunset on the mountains.

So I did just that. I was tempted not to, as it was drizzling and overcast after my rest, but I braved the mountains anyway.

And was I ever glad that I had! Sure, all the monastaries were closed by the time I get atop the mountains, but as I was walking about, I saw some commotion in the distance, on some cliffs. Being curious, I walked over to find a bunch of young adults with a bunch of recording equipment.

Turns out they were recording a music video / live stream a music video, and I got to hang out while they did so.

Or at least until the cops turned up to shut it down.

Ok, ‘Fortune favors the bold’ is a bit hyperbolic to describe what occurred. Yea, I’ll be the first to say that. But while this was happening I was reminded of a Woody Allen quote: “90% of life is just turning up.” That’s really how I felt this day. With no plans whatsoever, I just turned up and behold, something cool happened.

This was the universe telling me I should get out more.


Bit of a mis-sorted picture… view of a monastery from where the recording was happening.
…and then the cops turned up…

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