Sad Birthday Post

It’s my birthday. Today pretty much, as you are reading this. Not four months ago when I wrote the post you’ll read next week. But actually today.

I am not reckoning for a great birthday this year.

I have had a birthday tradition that I have followed for the better part of the past fifteen years. To the best of my ability, I get the fuck out of the town I am currently living in, with bonus points if I can get out of the country as well. I have been extremely successful at it over the past few years, and it has been something that I enjoy. I would go somewhere new, eat some interesting food, walk around and see some things, and do other things that I tend to enjoy.

But this is 2020, and all plans have been told to go kick rocks for a few months.

I live in a boring ass city. All the food around me is Greek. There is pretty much no variety. Greek food is good, for sure, but it is a little samey after a while. You can enjoy only so many Greek salads before wanting to commit an extinction of sorts on all cucumbers. Grilled meat, for all its glory also gets boring very fast. I would kill for anything not related to this country.

So what is a guy to do?

While cooking myself would seem like the obvious solution, I am a little burned out of even doing that. Though I might do.

I am burned out on a lot of things.

It’s all about the job I have, and the posts about that shit are coming soon. You’ll be sick of my kvetching before you know it.

I made the realization that since starting this job it has become increasingly hard to do all things that once made me happy. I barely read anymore, I don’t write anymore, and my great backlog of posts on this blog is quickly disappearing.

I haven’t cleaned my room in ages.

So I have decided to spend my birthday doing a whole lot of self care. Here is the tentative schedule:

  • Clean my room
  • Journaling
  • Go to a barber
  • Make a savory pie
  • Read a book on my roof with a cocktail
  • Continue fixing my computer
  • Blog maybe?
  • Watch a shitty movie
  • Eat a cake

And that should be a day. Even that is feeling like a bit much right now. The important thing would be that I do all these things as leisurely as possible, and take no urgency with getting these done. Mostly, the reading a book under the sun with a cold drink is the most enjoyable part, and I am looking forward to it a lot.

Maybe I will post an update later today. We shall see.

3 Comments Add yours

  1. SeveDB Blog says:

    Not that bad, is it?


  2. SeveDB Blog says:

    Happy birthday. Once this “thing” will be over there will be nice plans for you.


  3. Doing what the hell you want to do: priceless! I’m lucky if I get to pick my own celebratory beverage much less do anything I want to do.
    Enjoy your birthday 🥳


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