Happy New Year…

I picked the image for this blog post well before I wrote any of this post. I was torn between a picture of fire works or a picture of a swollen red hung-over eye. The fireworks won over in an attempt to be a little more optimistic about the coming future. That’s hard to do. I hear Australia is on fire. It’s hard to stay positive through things like that. In my personal life things have also been…

Exhausting. The wild seas that were 2019 were very rocky indeed. I have tried to keep people filled in on these wild rides through this blog with enough humor to mute the rougher aspects of these experiences. I hope to have done that fairly well. But now 2020 is quickly approaching and I can happily report that things on the horizon are looking…


Ok, maybe that isn’t the right word. I have interesting things on the horizon, but the problem is that I am not all that sure how I should go about talking about them on this blog. Some of the things I have coming up are… sensitive. I’ve picked up a job that I am actually rather proud of, but it would be the kind of thing I am not sure I would want to talk about on this blog. So, that being said, after I burn through some older posts that I never got around to, things may slow down here for a bit. I may even go back to my normal publishing schedule of once every two week, as I was once doing. Although, that wouldn’t be including the music challenge.

Honestly, for right now, I have no idea. This is all to say that interesting things have come, and will continue to come. Stay tuned, and have an awesome 2020.

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