Dick Move

When you are in a shitty work environment, the signs show up everywhere. Most of those signs come from employees jumping ship as quickly as possible. I mentioned in a previous post that my former place of employment seems to be mysteriously killing off relatives of employees, like some kind of a monkey’s paw. I am glad to have gotten out of there when I did. But of course, you can’t ever leave a place so cleanly that a former colleague doesn’t call you up to let you know just how fucked up that place is.

So at some point before I left an employee who was slightly higher on the pecking order requested some time off. Whomever made the schedule ignored the request, and upper management showed their normal complete lack of sympathy. Well, said employee claimed that her mother was sick, and that she MUST have those days off to be with her sick mother.

(Wait, haven’t we heard this song and dance before?)

If she wan’t going to get these days off, she was just going to have to quit!

Against all odds, this tactic actually worked. This lady got her two weeks off. But towards the end of those two week (in which time I had already left) upper management had hired a new HR person, who had seen the employee with a sick mother across town… working for a rival hotel. She had demanded those two weeks off to ‘take care of her mother’ so that she could trial a new position without quitting this job if things went south. And collected two paychecks at the same time.

I absolutely hated this person and though she was no good from the moment I first met her, but a dick move of this caliber? I must admit that my hat was off to this one.

Apparently our general manager called her at her other job, and when she answered the phone she pretended not to be able to hear him. She continued to pretend not hear him for the rest of his other calls too.

Part of my thinks that she actually did something punishable here. But in the long run, none of this is any of my business. I don’t work there anymore.

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