Work Here at Your Family’s Peril

As of my writing this, I have been working at the hotel for three months. I am working towards the fourth. I have outlasted a couple other people who started working here around the same time as me. This place is just really that fucked. And in that time, I only saw one person kind of get fired. They deserved it, too. But a whole lot of people quit this place. One lady transferred in from another location (the hotel is a chain) and made it a whole month before her mother got sick and she needed to resign. About a month later, another employee had another sick mother that needed tending, and she was gone to. It seemed like every day I heard that so and so had put in their two weeks, always with some excuse. One lady in HR decided that she needed to become a stay at home mom for her family’s sake. Strange, in that her children were both college aged…

This place is a danger to people’s family! I need to get out of here before something happens to my mom.

So I put in my two weeks.

I’m also leaving Richmond. I found out that my dad will be out of town for a while and I can go stay at his place rent free. But more importantly I just can’t make this place work out for me. Those few jobs I have found have just kind of sucked, and I have no reason to be confident that they will get better any time soon. On top of that, I cant seem to get a decent place to live. I moved out of the first shitty house and found myself living beneath another aspiring DJ. Not to mention that I had found another kind of pathetic roommate who does little more with his life than play video games and talk shit to internet strangers as he does so. On a trip to DC I slept so well in my dad’s house that I had legit thought I had died. I have no optimism that things are going to get better up here. So that being said, I am going to move on.

A good friend of mine has a vastly different – and wrong! – philosophy on what a lie is. A lie, for her, is the telling of a fact that is not true. For me, a lie is the intent to deceive. This seems so fucking basic to me that I don’t understand how any rational person can hold her position1, but whatever. By my stance on what a lie is, if I were to wake up early and tell my mom that school was canceled because of snow, only to later find out that school really was canceled due to snow, I still lied. My intent was to deceive. According to hers, in that case she would be telling the truth, because reality matched the statement. This friend once took a few days off of work because her aunt died. Her aunt died ten fucking years ago, but that is beyond the point. She hadn’t lied.

Thankfully, I don’t feel like I owe my work place the truth. I am also kind of non-confrontational, so the lie is what they are going to get. Or maybe I can channel my friend, and tell a sort of truth. After all, my father is a hypochondriac. I bet I could call him up right now and he would tell me that he is sick with something.




1Said person is romantically interested in me. There are a whole lot of other areas where we not only don’t see eye to eye, but are at damned loggerheads about this issue. No matter how she justifies her stance, I could never respect a person who holds it, much less get involved romantically with them.

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