November Music Challenge

Week 44 – Tuesday 29th October– Monday4th November

Scarface: The Diary

So all the albums this year were collected by asking people what they thought were exceptional albums. This just wasn’t it. It wasn’t bad as these things go, but it certainly wasn’t exceptional. Nor was it very memorable. This will soon be gone from my phone.


Week 45 – Tuesday 5th November – Monday 11th November

Hot Tuna – Hot Tuna

Alright, this was actually really cool. And considering how many heavy-hitters are on this album, it makes sense that it would be good. It’s also some pretty chill music to have in the background while I am doing work. I think this one will stay on my phone for a while. Time will tell how long it will stay there. I have to admit that I am not sure to what extent I really do like this. I know that sounds odd, but I just don’t find myself frequently saying ‘wow, it would be really great to listen to some blues right now.’

But if I had to listen to blues, this would be a good one to listen to.


Week 46 – Tuesday 12th November – Monday 18th November

Architects – all our gods have abandoned us

I think this album gave me some kind of PTSD. It was loud and very shouty. The album name certainly felt apropos, because listening to it made me feel that indeed all gods had abandoned me.

Hard pass on this one.


Week 47 – Tuesday 19th November – Monday 25th November

Coheed and Cambria – In Keeping Secrets of Silent Earth

Also shouty. I am not sure I disliked this one as much as the previous one, but it was still nothing I am too interested in listening to again.

Before listening to this I would have told you that there isn’t a concept album I dislike. But here you go, first time for everything.

Heavy Metal just ain’t my bag, baby.


Week 48 – Tuesday 26th November – Monday 2nd December

The Cure – Disintegration

I am fairly sure I had heard of  ‘The Cure’ before this, but as far as I could recall I had no recollection. And yet, once I got the album going I started to have weird memories of the movie ‘the crow’.

A friend of mine thinks this makes sense. The track by The Cure from the Crow soundtrack wasn’t on here, but I guess the spirit of the thing was somehow. I don’t know. The album was fine… I guess. It was no Hot Tuna, but it was pretty good. I’ve already forgotten much of it. In a month of rather disappointing albums, at least a few song from this were pretty noticeable.  ‘Lullaby’ was super good, but it just left me with a lot of questions. Does the person who wrote the song know about Marvel’s SpiderMan? Should I be imagining some kind of cannibalistic Peter Parker?

That’s terrifying.

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