No Training

So I mentioned in the past few posts that I got a full time job. This should be the solution to all my problems, but the job is shitty on an epic scale. The pay is low that were the democrats to impose that 15 dollar minimum wage every one is talking about, it would represent 7 years of promotions in one fell swoop.

Let that sink in.

But that isn’t what this post is really about.

When I started that job I was ready to give it my all. I do that at pretty much every job I go to, and I am proud to say that in a career spanning about 15 different jobs I only twice let someone see the back of me in a negative way. I take pride in the work that I do, as everyone should, and so I was ready to take pride at working in this hotel as well.

The only problem was that no one else at this place seemed to take a lot of pride in their work. Or at least, no one I met in the first two weeks.

Within those first two weeks I worked largely with my manager, a woman who is so thoroughly unlikable that even a virus can’t stand her presence. But those personality defects aside, this woman, who runs the front desk at a hotel, isn’t there for anything, and makes that abundantly clear. With everything she did in those first two weeks of training she did it in a way that seemed to suggest that training me was a waste of her time. She showed you something once, only once, and then went back to sulk in her office.

I caught her on facebook back there in that office, more than once. And I get that it was the middle of the night and she had no desire to be there, but every time I would go back there to ask her a question she gave me a murderous look, as if my wanting to know how to do my job better was a great offense to her. The job really has two parts, one is the receptionist role, and the other is the audit role. The night audit role is a simple procedure, and to be fair she trained me to do that well enough after I corrected her training style. At first she wanted me to learn the whole process in a single day, but I learned what was essential and immediate to the job and started doing only those things, after which i gradually added responsibilities till everything was in my routine.


But that was only the night audit aspect of it. The job also has some receptionist duties, and because many of them never came up while me and this manager were working together, she never taught me to do them. Compact this problem with the fact that we are using a version of windows that is no longer supported and Fred Filnstone’s own hospitality management software, and problems arise with regular frequency. I find myself telling a guest “I’m sorry, but I don’t know how to do that” on pretty much a daily basis. I leave numerous windows open with my fuckups open while I wait for a colleague to come and show me how to fix them. There are also tons of questions about the basic hotel operation that I have no answer to. There are lots of schedule questions that guests ask me (“what time are the rooms cleaned? Well, when does it start?”) that i simply have no god damned answer to.

So I am now a pretty shitty employee. I am not sure that I care all that much.


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