Shitty jobs will turn as all into Socialists.

In the previous post about on boarding I mentioned some of the very dumb things they said. I left one of the most important ones out, because I thought it was meritorious of its own post. While all the things that the Dear Leader did were mostly given as passing anecdote, this point was really fucking hammered home.

They mentioned that they have a program available for one people have emergencies of all kind, including medical emergencies. What this program is is a network of employees who can donate money to an employee who finds themselves in need. So should you find yourself with cancer and suddenly head over heals in debt, they are willing to pass a hat around to all the company employees so that you can have a little something to live off of while you fucking die.

Just let that sink in a little bit. Particularly, the unstated but implied facts that:

  • Your insurance is unlikely to take care of your problem(s)
  • Your paychecks are going to stop (because you aren’t working)


If you obsessively follow the news (like I do) you know that the American right wing media is paranoid about creeping socialism within America. I hear that, and I can’t imagine how out of touch they are with what is actually going on in this country. Creeping socialism? It’s pretty much here.

It’s never really mentioned as much, but within a communist system it wouldn’t just be the fruits of labor that are distributed equally among all the people, but also the costs and consequences. That’s exactly what the system is, excepts it is voluntary. It was mentioned that the company itself would match (or double) all donations, but as a person who has been actively disliked his whole life, THIS ISN’T FUCKING REASSURING. This system then is already a half-assed ‘but only if you want to’ form of communism that isn’t going to work. From the perspective of us lowly workers, our wages are already being redistributed, ,only there is an asshole at the top unjustly getting the lion’s share.

So, you know, during the next election, yea, we aren’t going to be so scared of Bernie tossing around socialist ideas. We are already there. If you are too stupid to see that, Fox News, then I can’t help you.

Mind you, I largely lean towards capitalism on that particular political spectrum. But I’m also growing my beard out, just to be on the safe side.


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