An Abandoned Mall [Photo Dump]

I for some time was using the ‘spray and pray’ tactic for searching employment: go to indeed, but in some minimum search requirements, and apply to every fucking thing I could find. This netted me an interview at a hotel, but google showed me that the hotel was in the middle of nowhere, about 15 min out of the city. So before the interview I went to check out where this place was. I went around noon on a Friday. Next to the hotel was the emptiest fucking mall I had ever seen. It was a sight to behold. So of course I went in. It was largely, but not entirely abandoned.

So of course I went back a few days later with my camera.

Photography in the mall is forbidden, and I was pretty promptly asked to leave. These are the shots I got before I got caught.

The first day I went was super windy and you could see how all three flags were tattered. No idea what that right most flag is meant to be.
Even the lamps look sad.
You look at this and you are forgiven for forgetting that the mall is still technically in use.
I have no idea why this is here.
C’mon, the ‘Start your business here’ sign is rather funny
Yes, in America people need to be reminded not to bring weapons into public places.
This is what a Sears looks like after it dies.
Empty Stores
An empty cul-de-sac
I think this was a restaurant of some kind.
I’m not exactly sure what this is.
I have no idea what was once here.
A row of empty stores
An empty Jewelry shop
The fake plants were doing very well.
Some decorative bags in a display window
An empty store
Another empty store
I’d hazard a guess that this phone is older than me.



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  1. SeveDB Blog says:

    That’s a pretty sad thing. I’ve heard someone say “Make America Great Again”, it didn’t work apparently. Perhaps you should inform the ones that say “Keep America Great Again”.


  2. SeveDB Blog says:

    I think you were very brave to walk into that empty sad space.


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