Am I doing this right?

I don’t actually put a whole lot of effort or thought into this blog. I am farily sure that it shows.

Really, it was meant for little more than for people to be able to keep up with my nonsense adventures, because I was more often than not very far away from the people I am close to.

Not that many of them actually bother reading this fucking thing.

But if I am to do this, I may at least try to do a better job of it. Case in point, last week I posted about finding a new apartment. I found and moved into that apartment back in February. That’s how backlogged these fucking posts have gotten. To put into perspective how out of sync this blog is with my actual life, I am actually moving out of that house at the end of this month. Yup, pretty soon there will be a load of posts about a house and flatmates that I technically wont actually be living with anymore.

That feels wrong. I feel like I am blogging wrong.

So that being said, let’s fix this shit. I have a number of backlogged posts that I want to work on, and until I burn through those, I am going to post once a week. Once I get to the point where the gap between this blog and reality is only about a month or so, I may go back to positing every other week instead. It just depends on the experiences I have and how much there really is to share.

So, let’s see what comes of it.

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