Offending someone’s honor

The school I work at is a joke. And because everyone who works there knows it is a joke (particularly the administrators), the students are allowed to do whatever they want. Obviously this is to the annoyance of the teachers, who fruitlessly complain to the uncaring administrators.

But to what extent the administrators let the students do every little thing imaginable is sometimes shocking. Case in point: I was teaching an advanced class called Academic Writing and Speaking. It is the last class a student should take before going to a proper university, were this a real school. But just as the final rolls around, a Colombian girl breaks up with her boyfriend (who we are going to call ‘A’), and is so devastated by the break up that she doesn’t come in for her final presentation or submit her final presentation (roughly 20% of her total grade). Not that it would have mattered: all she did in class was speak to her friends (often in Spanish), browse her phone, and be disrespectful. I had no problem failing her. I did it with a smile on my face. I’ve had things happen to me, and I never let it effect my work.

And that was that. In the next session I was assigned to teach a class that was high-beginner. Guess who showed up? La Colombiana. She really felt that she needed to go back and relearn the fundamentals. I told her she had no fucking place in my class, and to hit the bricks. I didn’t use the words, but I used that tone. But there was a larger problem; the moron owner of the school wanted to save money and thus decided to only open three classes this session. Now, if all the classes in school were plotted on a line from 0-12, the administrators had decided to open the classes 2, class 4 (mine) and class 13. La colombiana clearly belonged in class 13, but her ex was in attendance. My class was the next most relevant class for her.

“You got to let her stay” my idiot boss said “she’s really torn up over ‘A'”

The fuck…

Now, I don’t give a fuck that her ex-boyfriend was in that class. Settle your fucking difference with some fucking maturity. Also, as anyone with basic math skills can figure out, considering how level distribution of class, number 13 had 50 students (while my class had a mere 8, and the beginner most class had 12). As if you can’t hide yourself from one person in a class of 50! But the administration bought that this was a legitimate excuse, and she was allowed to stay in my class to not really do any work except the work of using her phone as a mirror to apply makeup.

So in my class she proceeded to be the only hispanic student to speak Spanish in class, the one who never did her homework, and then constantly bragged complained that she was finished and that this was easy for her. Of course, she never did anything correctly, so she even managed to fuck up a class that was meant to be easy for her. I once gave her the assignment of writing for half an hour, and after ten minutes the moron looks at me and says “I’m finished”. Or maybe I am wrong, and this person is actually a black hole and in her subjective supermassive experience of reality 10 minutes is half an hour.

Anyway, as it were on some random day I came to find out that A, La colombian’s ex, had dropped out of the school. He had did this perhaps a day after the first class. There hadn’t been any reason whatsoever for her to be in my class. The very idiot boss who had told me that she had to stay in my class because of this yahoo had signed his walking papers THE VERY NEXT DAY. And from what I know of my school, there was no way he could have left the school on a dime. Which meant that he let her stay in my class anyway, and then when the problem went away, he did nothing.

Fuck me.

Now that’s frustrating. But I decided to as politely as possible get it resolved. I went and spoke to said idiot boss about the situation, who told me to tell her to go to his office. Then I went upstairs and told her to go speak to the Director of Studies.

She never came back to class to collect her things.

I saw her a few days later, and she refused to make eye contact with me. Apparently, I was told by one of the other students, I had offended her honor.



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