It’s not all bad: My trip to the dentist

It’s 2018: why the hell am I still blogging about China. Well, sorry, but I have a bit of a back log of thoughts, and until I can find something better to post about, we can go through these drafts saved on the site. I’ll try to keep them at best once a month.

I have a rocky relationship with dentistry. Being relatively poor in America, I could not afford dental care between the years of 2002 till now. In Europe, while most medical care is affordable, dental work is not considered important enough to be covered by state healthcare programs.  I’ve not had dental longer than I have, and it is something that I often just write off. In 2002 I went to the dentists while I was last covered by my parents health insurance policy.

In 2015 before I left the USA I went once again, this time uninsured. I was doing it expressly because I had no idea what the dental care would be like here in China. In that I was uninsured, my father offered to call his dentists and set something up for me. I told him to get a price beforehand. He quoted me 250$ and I thought that was acceptable. Off I went to the downtown DC off, where I met with a very pleasant dentist who took one look into my mouth and decided that everything that was going on in there was unsatisfactory. Forgoing good judgement, she proceeded to give me Novocaine dose of a much, much smaller man before getting right in there and scrubbing with what I thought might have been some kind of vindictiveness. Something in my mouth had so egregiously offended her that she had to take care of the problem immediately, and she had to charge me several times over the initial quoted price to take care of the urgency.  The total cost I ended up paying was in fact so massive that I had to get a loan from my father for literally everything else thereafter. What is worse, this dentist took her time to get the job done. I thought I was going to be in and out of there in half an hour, but an hour and a half later I was trying to message friends to cancel my plans.

I would have avoided the dentist here in China with the certainty that I was likely saving myself a lot of heartache. But then a colleague went and highly recommended the person she visited. Said she was taken care of very well. As it were, not a month or so later, I started to have some pain in certain teeth. I somehow overcame the feeling of dread and terror long enough to finally bite the bullet and make myself an appointment. I got to the office and waited almost no time at all for the dentist to come greet me. I was lead to the office, I showed her my problems and she got right to work. I didn’t get a lecture, I didn’t get reprimanded for what I was doing wrong. I didn’t get any extra service. I got exactly what I asked her to do with no fuss. I paid the exact amount I was quoted.

I made a follow up appointment right then and there.

China: better dentists than DC.

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