Update: Shitty Chinese Flatmate… the bread incident.

I guess an apology of sorts is in order. I mentioned that god damn savage that is my flat mate in the last post. Well, I assumed, falsely, that he was typical in his savagery. You cannot begin to imagine my utter chagrin when I discovered that my shitty Chinese flatmate is considered a savage even by Chinese standards.

I went into the bathroom to flush the toilet, because he had been up all night playing video games and was now too groggy or stupid to do it under his own power. This, I am used to, and thus wasn’t too annoyed when he offered to come with me to the corner stores to pick up a few things I needed.

I agreed, mostly because I am a fucking idiot. We got to the store I need to get to and I purchase my three vegetables, then wait for him while he goes around, with the inner puzzlement of a child, looking at a lot of things he ultimately wont purchase. As we leave, he is going on and on about how pretty soon the technology will exist in China for people to pay with a retinal scan, and I am thankfully walking in front of him so that he can’t see me rolling my fucking eyes. I stop off in the bread store next door because there some truly great yogurt is sold.

I got in there, grabbed my yogurt and paid. But as I did, idiot decided he needed some bread. But he decided such as with an almost erotic determination.

“I fucking love bread1” he exclaimed with a stoner’s glee. “This one looks great!” he said, pulling the drawer open and grasping the loaf with his bare hand.

Time slowed as I witnessed the travesty. Distracted by something shinny, idiot boy lets the first loaf go, picks up another and gives it an equally firm squeeze.

The lady working the counter is mortified. She vaults the counter in one bound then runs over to him with a bag and gloved hands to properly handle whatever it is moron wanted to purchase.

I was entertained. And I was tempted to tell the lady (as I know so well), that he doesn’t bother to wash his hands, ever.

I’m wondering if he would have fondled a third piece if she hadn’t. I looked at the employee, who was brimming with rage at the act.

Huh. So I guess it isn’t just me that finds this guy revolting.



1I don’t for a minute believe he loves bread. I think it is just something he says because he hears foreigners say it. The bread he buys often remains in the fridge, half eaten for days upon days after initial purchase. Also, Chinese attempts at making western bread are disgusting. At best, it is cake disguised as bread, with a randomized assortment of things in it.

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