It’s time to leave

It’s becoming increasingly clear that it is well and truly time to leave China. Why is that you may ask? Well, I’ve gotten to the point where I am well and truly exhausted by the place on pretty much every conceivable level.  How bad is it? It’s gotten to the point where the well of things to complain about, which I assumed would never run dry, is producing little more than things I feel like I’ve already complained about. It’s starting to feel like I am watching re-run after re-run of a TV show that I fucking hate.

I write this blog on a schedule. Every Wednesday and Thursday morning I wake up, do some other things, then endeavor to write 500 pages of this non-sense. I am doing this to see if I can become the kind of person who is a self starter, who can give himself a schedule and keep to it. Basically, I am using this blog as a dry run for self-employment. But when I woke up this morning to set a few thoughts down everything seemed boring. My recent attempts to buy black beans (turtle) was trice soiled and I now have two and a half kilos of black soy beans with which I have no idea what to do. How did I end up with them? Chinese incompetence! After making it expressly clear that I didn’t want black soy beans-

Wait, haven’t I bitched about this before? I feel I have.

Maybe I should bellyache over my inept co-workers or moronic students? Nope, it would appear that I have done all of that as well already. How aesthetically inept that whole city is? I’ve complained about that too. Well shit, what haven’t I complained about? I could moan about the two friends of mine that are hooking up, not telling me about it, yet treating me like the third god damn wheel when we go out together. I’m not meant to say anything or react, because I’m not supposed to  know, but I am obviously the third wheel.

Oh god, I dont want to talk about that either. This isn’t a fucking gossip column.

Damn. I should mention that I am writing this pretty far back in the past. I still have about 4 months to go. When you read it, I’ll only have a month and a half or so. I’ll also be down one friend, with only one remaining. But with any luck, I’ll at least know where the hell I am going and what I will be doing there.

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