State of the blog

Well, Here I am with another birthday. I turn 33 years old this year. It’s meant to mean something. I guess.

A person who is somewhat important in my life is my cousin. During the 00’s I spent more time with him than my own brother. In a respect, he is very much like a brother to me, and the relationship I had with him was a lot less strained than the one I had with my brother. I kind of feel like I came into my own more with his help.

I bring him up because I was around when he had turned 33. Everyone kept saying that it was meant to be an important year. After all, if you make it past this year you are officially older than Jesus Christ when he died. This morbid little factoid is the kind of thing only Italians seems to give a shit about. And it seemed odd to be hearing this repeatedly from a group of friend who claimed staunch atheism, but whatever. So I guess this year is meant to be Christlike. Well, so far it hasn’t been. We shall see.

Anyway, all that shit aside I think I have decided to dial this blog back. I have been doing it for a year now and I feel ready to move onto other projects. I am writing this in advanced (by a frightening amount…) so I don’t actually know how much of what I am about to say will come true. I can modify this shit later if I need to. But for right now, let’s say that after this month I will only do 2 posts about China a month, every other Friday. Once a month I may blog about something else.

Hopefully I have started another blog. It should be anonymous, so I won’t link to it here. While I do that one, I will continue to do this one every other week. The photo dumps are gone, mostly because I don’t want to pay WordPress for the bandwidth. I will just shitpost China until I leave. Which brings me to another point.

I am leaving China. My contract is up on the 15th of October and I will be going elsewhere thereafter. I don’t know where, I don’t know how, but I am going. Of this much I am sure. Wherever I go, once I get there I will continue to post to this blog about that place once a month. Wherever that place may be, I am sure it will be horribilis enough for me to bitch about.

Oh god, did I just really say that?

Anyway, there are two other major projects that I have in the works, but they should not be ready till 2018. Hopefully, Jan 2018 I will begin rolling them out.

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