It isn’t all bad: Fou Fou

It gets pretty hard to do, but I do every now and again enjoy something in this shit hole of a country I am currently living in.  Somehow, again the complete lack of ingenuity and work ethic shown by the every day person here, someone in China does something amazing. Case in point, this guy named Fou Fou.

A 29 year old who apparently ‘refused to be a slave to a mortgage’, he bought a double decker bus and converted it into a home for himself. Good on you, boss.

Particularly impressive were the concluding lines of one of the articles I read about the guy.

He said he thinks the most important thing in life is to feel satisfied, rather than following trends to blindly buy a house or car.

“My bottom line is to remain imaginative about life’s possibilities,” he said.

Couldn’t agree more. I could be a dick and give the credit to this guy’s western education but at the end of the day I understand that every now and again there are some people in China who go against the grain, even just a little.

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