[Photo Dump] More awful wedding photos

So I am going to be a little more curative with the photos I put up from now on.

Anyway, I went to Fake England with my friend and there were loads of truly awfully dressed people there getting wedding photos taken.

I tried to take maybe 20 shots of these two and they all came out bad, but rest assured… they looked awful. Kinda like something out of Tim Burton movie. Or at least the chinese knockoff of a Tim Burton movie.


This fucking lady. I know I said these were wedding photos, but I couldn’t resist. If H.R. Geiger is than this train wreck of fashion is too. 
I have to admit, I was god damn thrilled when she squatted down near me. Just cause I could get this shot. This. This is China.
The hair and the makeup were also a hot mess, but you can’t make it out well in this shot.


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