Liu Dawei: A Chinese Shining light

I can’t be negative forever. No matter how shit a situation I find myself in (and I find myself in many) I eventually acclimatize to it, no matter how bad. Despite what you may think by reading this shit-blog, I’m actually a pretty happy guy. So I figure every now and again I should write something to express this. After spending a summer binge listening to the wonderful Worst Idea of All Time podcast, I had the idea to throw in a shinning light, something I see or hear about or experience that was particularly noteworthy or made me feel pretty good about this whole experience.

Liu Dawei is an 18 year old Chinese native of Quanzhou who recently got slammed with a life sentence after being found guilty of gun trafficking. This sentence was a step down from the death penalty that he had received, and the kindness was given to him due to his young age. But here is the kick to the story; the guns this young man purchased, were toy guns.

Boy, how I wish this were all a joke.

It isn’t. Liu purchased 24 toy guns from a Taiwanese website. Taiwan has different laws than mainland China, and the toys would have been legal there. Apparently in China a firearm is defined by the joules of force the projectile is shot with, and it is frighteningly low.

Ok, shit Chinese laws aside, Liu has become my hero for reportedly shouting “See if you can shoot me with the guns I bought!” and “Please shoot me with the guns I bought! I’ll admit guilty if I could be killed!”

I am envy of the size of this man’s balls. Bravo, sir! Bravo.

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