Crazy Aapple Land

Fake Venice as seen from the Crazy Aapple land side of the canal.

A long time ago me and my firend decided to go see fake Venice here in Hangzhou. It was a good time, and I even did a blog post about it. But on the way there we saw a mysterious gate, and we both were completly uninterested in what was on the other side.

However, later we had exahusted all there was to do in fake Venice when we noticed what looked like an abandoned theme park. It was CRAZY AAPPLE (not a typo) LAND! There were a lot of things going on there; urban decay, a theme park tat may or may not have been operational, a racist hotel, random sphinxes. It didn’t make much sense. I was terribly pleased with it all.



This. I have no idea what this once was, but the Peg-icorn rising from the rubble was a sight to behold for me.  I knew from the moment that I saw it that it belonged promenently on this blog.
You can see the bell tower that pinpoints (fake) St. Mark’s Square. But what is all this crazyiness infront of it? It’s CRAZY AAPPLE (sic) LAND!
This is the guy that greets you right at the entrance of Crazy Aapple land.
No idea.
More urban decay
An abandoned stip mall. The shops here were all high end.
A hotel that needed a sphinx. Why not.


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