Goodbye ESL writing

Everything I have written under the ESL tag has been shit or shit talking. And I guess this is either because I have no talent for it or, much more likely, I simply don’t give a shit. I was hoping to write two ESL posts a month, but I am realizing that this is very likely not going to happen. I have nothing but motivation to do so when I am in class but it seems that this is little more than ‘I’d-rather-be-hammering-nails-in-to-my-dick-so-as-to-turn-it-into-a-mace’ style escapism. A few minutes after the class, I have no recollection of what I wanted to talk about or I realize that all it really is is bitching about my students. The bitching can simply be tagged as a China post, and from this moment forward those rare occasions where I do have something to say ESL related I can simply do it as some kind of a special post on a Monday or something. The point is, I will unlikely have regular fruitful things to say about ESL, so I might as well  bury the ESL tag from my blog.

So the ESL posts are going bye-bye for the most part. I was hoping to do something like an “everything wrong with my schools methodology” on my one year anniversary of being there. And maybe I will, who knows. But the point is that I am no longer going to suffer through thinking about what to say regarding ESL fortnightly. I simply don’t care that much. And hopefully this will buy me time to write other, better things.



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