Leifang Pagoda [Photo Dump]

The Liefang Pagoda at a distance.

At some point or the other a buddy came to visit me and we ended up at the Leifang Pagoda, by West Lake. I had no idea what I would find their, but these would carved bas-reliefs are incredible, and worth the price on entry alone.

The escalator to the Pagoda… Because China
that’s why.
Another shot of the pagoda
The outside of the pagoda is nicer than the

The Pagoda is rather dull inside. Except for these wood carvings. They are utterly magnificent. They are supposed to tell the myth of the white snake, a traditional Chinese story that has been told to me several times, but the telling of which was never good enough to remember.

Some flying cranes
Some people and more cranes
More cranes
Yet more cranes
A woman
If I had to take a guess, I would say a woman and her servant.
The same two, encountering a man
And suddenly someone was wounded
It gets kinda martial artsy after a while
To battle!
I secretly think the sculptor was to lazy to give them proper
Monkeys were also somehow involved
The adventures of Fish Helmet and Lobster Helmet
This lady means business
The king is fleeing. Can’t say I blame him
Now there is a Lobster Helmeted squad
I can’t figure this one out at all
Figured out or not, I really like this shot.
An old man
But there is something Papal about him. And
he kinda reminds me of the good old
Warhammer days of my youth
Passing the baby
I don’t either.
Things are better now.










I as well captured a short video of one of the bas-reliefs.

The view from the top of the Pagoda was kinda nice too.

See how it all looks kinda funny in the background?
That’s pollution. You’re gonna hear me say that a lot
Skyline and the coast of the lake
Skyline beyond the woods
Skyline with the green of the park/lake
This is my inept attempt at an artsy shot;
“Bells against a lonely sky”
The city and… actually, I have no idea what the red building
on the hill is
The escalator as seen from the top of the
A temple as seen through pollution
A polluted sunset
Sun over the polluted valley
The lake and the edge of the pagoda
The complex and the skyline
Boats. I like boats
Pagoda as seen through the woods

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