Pardon the dust…

I decided to switch to Word Press when I saw just how nice the Risk Monger’s blog is on Word Press. I was stricken with jealousy. I wanted such a lovely looking blog as well!

So I made the switch. And suddenly everything looked so much nicer. I was terribly pleased.

“So far so good!” I said to myself as I easily imported all my old posts onto this new site, and saw that things for the most part went seamlessly. Then I took a look at how things were formatted, specifically the photos.


The fuck…

What are those weird boxes around my photos? Why can’t I get rid of them? Why can’t I modify them? Stupid WordPress! I hate you!

And then I resigned myself to the fact that this was just how my blog was going to look from now on. So I got right back to ¬†editing posts that I am currently working on. And then I saw a photo that was at the top of the post, but I wanted it at the bottom. So I highlighted it, hit ‘ctrl+x’ moved the cursor down…

And then this happened:


The fuck WordPress? What the actual fuck are you doing.

I’m an ass.

As well, all the post I had to this point scheduled are all kind of loopy, as blogger and WordPress apparently function on vastly different calendars.

Am I starting to regret the move? Nope! But you guys reading this (both of you) are going to have to pardon the dust till I figure out how to use it. At the very least, things may look differently while we finish up with all the old posts I made while still back on Blogger (a month’s worth or so). In the mean time, I’ll work to make shit better.


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