First trip downtown [Photo Dump]

A flag.

One of the annoying things we all have to do when we arrive in Hangzhou is get registered with the police. While this was absolutely no fun (and of course had to happen on one of my days off), it did afford me the first opportunity to go to the old part of Hangzhou and get some pictures in. So it wasn’t a complete waste of a day off.


The main pedestrian road, lined with shops and kiosks
Goats. No idea why.
The two goods in question are durian and
A store selling Italian soap.
A dancing fat man. Buddha maybe? I have no idea.
Another shot of the fat man.
A corner with a nice building on it.
A little extended pond lining some shop.
A shop.
A gardeny thing that looked nice.


Some kind of buddha. I don’t like how any of these pictures
came out, and I am thinking of going back out there and
doing them all over again going for better details.
Same Buddha


The same pedestrian road where the Buddha was
An alley
Not sure why I took this picture
Hangzhou tower. I think.
A rather large canal

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