Things I like about China #1: Fucks not included.

I am at times floored by just how much no one cares in this country. And the sphere of things they don’t care about is massive, and almost all encompassing. It goes without saying that at time this will drive you made, but there are also times when it is a colossal boon.
Case in point, I went to see Captain America the other day, and before going to the theater my friend had me meet him at Pizza Hut. This being China, the service was slow, and kinda awful. By the time the movie was starting his food still had not arrived. So he sent me up to the theater and said he would join me when his food arrived.  My friend arrived 15 min into the movie, with a fucking Pizza Hut caesar salad, which he just eats right in the theater. He didn’t sneak it into the theater, he walked right in with it. No one cares.
I’ve gone to bars that serve food with food from other places, and no one has cared. I’ve seen people go into bars with booze bought elsewhere and n one has cared. I have seen people go into restaurants, with food from other restaurants and seen that no one has cared.
Why? Because China, that’s why.

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