My first apartment in Hangzhou

The courtyard (or quad, as a colleague called it)
of the apartment complex I was living in. One
of the few nice things about the place.
At the beginning of March 2016 I moved into a new apartment Frankly, I didn’t really care for the old place, and I wasn’t too happy there. The place felt cramped, and I didn’t have much room to do a lot of cooking. What was worse, the neighborhood was very boring, and far from anything of note (save one bar that I really liked. I did however get a few worthy pictures from the place.
A second shot of the quad. This one much clearer.
For any future doxing I may encounter, here is a
where I once lived. The red circle is my
apartment. #955


Hangzhou has some lovely canals, though.
A ghetto near my old place. It was populated, and in the process
of being torn down to build a road.

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