October 7th, The Japanese Coast (2 days till Busan) [Karaoke party]

Later that night, we had a second Karaoke party. This one was Stevan and Jane’s idea, though I contributed a case of beer to the cause. It was meant to thank the crew for their hospitality. It was also Chris’ birthday so we had the mess bring out a cake, and we gave him some ‘gifts’ we picked up in Japan. It was dark and smoky in the room, so the pictures did not come out terribly well.

Ben, the first officer.


Stevan and the second engineer.


Chris getting his birthday cake.


More food.


Chris going over his photos.






This guy could sing. No really.


Group shot


Second Engineer, hiding behind some beer.


This guy was also really good


Stephan, second in charge.


I don’t remember.









Stephan was really against my taking a picture of him. I
managed a few somehow.



Stevan and Jane.


More singing

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