A Tour of the Engine Room


The second engineer, who gave us the tour. I figured the nudie
poster in the background was a nice touch. Engine room was
full of them.


Woke up, breakfast, went up to the deck to look at the charts, back into my room for a bit of reading (River Town). Being this close to the end of the trip, at lunch the engineer finally agreed to give us a tour of the engine room.  You’ll go deaf if you go in there without ear protection, so a lot of his explanations were drowned out by the noise of the engine. I did however take loads of pictures. And some video footage.
A thing. It was in the engine room.
The engine


More engine.


A large chamber where the drive shaft can be worked on.
More engine stuff.
A piston.
The drive shaft, in all its glory.
The engine. The massive engine.
Something or the other. The guy in the picture
is Stevan.
More engine room.

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