Nudging slowly towards Asia [October 5th North Pacifc Ocean (4 days till Busan)]

The crew mopping the deck.

Setting back the clock that past two night affected me. I woke up 4:30am. It wasn’t just me though; the sun was already up by then. Spent the morning reading On Liberty.  I stepped out on to the deck before breakfast and found Chris and Stevan looking out at a pod of passing dolphins. I couldn’t make any out. What we didn’t know is that today was the day the crew began hosing down the decks. We didn’t get soaked, but it was a rather unpleasant way to start the day.

Poached eggs for breakfast. The messman referred to them as eggs benedict, and so our hopes were all needlessly inflated. Afterwards I walked up to the bridge, and got there just as the ship was passing another pod of dolphin. The weather was gorgeous, so I stayed up there a while trying to take some pictures of the dolphins. None came out well, but I


took some shots of the ship (and the crew cleaning it) instead. More reading and an hour at the gym after that, followed by an abandon ship drill. I could have stayed with the crew and observed their drill, but I decided against it. Not sure why.

I hung out on the deck with Stevan after lunch and chatted long enough till another pod of dolphins swam by. I finished reading On Liberty while sitting on the deck enjoying the nice weather.


After dinner we watched the Scientology documentary Gone Clear. Afterwards we headed up to the bridge to see some of the stars in the night sky. Off the starboard side in the distance the sky was lit with the lights of Japanese coastal cities.

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