Nudging slowly towards Asia [October 4th North Pacific Ocean (5 days till Busan)]

Just a random shot.

The monotony of the days is not yet starting to get to me.

The morning was wonderfully calm, and you could not feel any swell at all. I slept till around 6, then woke up to a light morning of reading (River Town, by Peter Hessel). Went down to breakfast, ate some eggs, then went back upstairs and read some more (started On Liberty by John Stuart Mill). Did an hour at the gym, then back up for more reading.
For Sunday lunch we had roasted duck. No bottle of wine this week, but we did have some fruit smoothies instead. I walked around a bit afterwards, and just as I was settling in my room to read a little more, Stevan called me to say that he had spotted a whale. I went out to see if I could see a few more, but couldn’t.
Another random shot


We had some leftovers for dinner, then watched the movie The One I Love. I thought it was ok at best, but a little silly to be honest. Set back my clock an hour before going to bed.

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