Nudging slowly towards Asia [October 3rd North Pacific Ocean (6 days till Busan)]

The morning was rough; it felt like I woke up on a roller coaster.

And consider that lying on your bed is where it is said that you feel the swell the least.
I spent some of the morning reading, though I did step outside briefly to take a few pictures. Not that there was much to see except for waves.
Rough waves.

Over breakfast everyone warned us that it was particularly bad out today, and told us that we were not allowed on the main deck. Considering this weather, I decided to spend the morning working through Future until the 10:30, when we had a fire drill. Had it not been for the drill I would have gone to the gym instead.

After lunch I spent the day transcribing all the notes I took from Who Owns The Future. I didn’t quite feel like starting another book, so I spent some time outside enjoying the sea, despite how rough it was.
Fantastic book, I would recommend it to everyone
who plans on living in this century.

We were planning on taking in a movie after dinner, but found some of the Filipino crewmen in the rec room sharing a bottle of wine. Instead of the movie we joined them for an evening of conversation. They were very nice to us, and we learned a lot about them; many of them were closer to middle aged than they initially looked and had children as well. We learned that the cadet, the youngest person onboard, had now been on the ship for 13 months straight, and was getting ready to finish his first tour. The conversation was mostly cordial; the men seemed to find it difficult to understand that Stevan and Jane were not married. They also mentioned that this trip normally took only 9 days. The extra 9 that have been tacked on are a result of the recent increase in price of fuel, which has gone from 200USD a ton to 700. If the price went down, the ship would travel much faster the whole time.


While we managed to avoid politics as a point of discussion, we entered the murky water of religion, and one of the men seemed bothered that not one of us had any kind of faith. I found myself getting sleepy rather early, and dismissed myself from the group by 9pm. As soon as I got to my room however, I got a second wind, and stayed up till at least midnight. Before I went to bed, I set my clock back by an hour.

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