Nudging slowly towards Asia [Oct 2nd, North Pacific Ocean (1 week till Busan)]

A bit worse than the day before.
I went to bed too early the night before, and woke up very early this day. I could hear the rain Who owns the Future? With and luck, I will be half way through the book by lunch.

outside, and the swell was feeling pretty strong. Thankfully, this is not as stressing as airplane turbulence is. I ignored it and decided to read some more, putting a pretty good dent into

Breakfast was Hawaiian toast. I didn’t know what it was either. Imagine a Hawaiian pizza on a piece of toast, and that is pretty much it. Can’t say I was terribly impressed. During breakfast we were repeatedly told that the winds and the swell were terrible today, and that as a result we were not allowed on the main deck. We were also told to avoid the starboard side, as it was the direction the wind was coming from. I took a stroll up to the bridge and learned that the waves were 8 meters high today. The officer there also told me that in his years sailing three people had fallen overboard, and that none of the three were ever found again. I also asked about the water on the ship, which it turns out is desalinated sea water. The engine generates enough heat to evaporate. It generates 25 tons of fresh water a day.


The rest of the day was uneventful. After dinner we played Cards against humanity. I was a bit put off at first at the notion of playing with people that I don’t really know too well, but the game turned out to be relatively mild, and not a bad way to pass the time.

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