Nudging slowly towards Asia [September 30th, Bering Sea (9 days till Busan)]

I awoke thinking that it would be a rough day, but so far all felt calm. I peeked out onto the deck in the morning and say that the sky was clear, and that it was a beautiful day. I spent an hour reading before breakfast.
After breakfast I spent some more time reading, then went to the gym. After the gym I found myself struggling to focus on my books. I distracted myself with some video games on my laptop till lunch.
After lunch I found that my concentration was even further depleted, so I just decided to make it a video game day, and not think too much about it. Screw it, what’s a day off every now and again?
After dinner the other passengers and I watched the last episode of Black Mirror, and then played a round of Settlers of Catan. As we played, the terrible weather we were promised finally kicked in; the wind picked up and we started to feel every wave we hit. After the game (I won again) we went up to the bridge to see if any stars were visible that night. Unfortunately, the sky was for the most part draped in clouds. But I learned that the night crew keeps the bridge dark during the night[1], and it was fun being up there with no lights, feeling the rocking of the ship, stumbling around. Afterwards we went back down to the rec room and watched some more TV. Everyone called it a night fairly early, but I remembered that we had to put back our clocks another hour, and realized that it was far too early to go to bed. I watched some movies on my laptop for an hour, then turned in myself.

[1]This may scare some people into thinking that the crew that should be up there monitoring things is actually sleeping. They aren’t. Every twenty minutes an alarm goes off (it’s very loud) and one of the crew has to go first to one terminal in one room, then to another in a second room, to deactivate the alarm. If they fail to do this, the captain will be woken up and informed than no one is on the bridge. And they have to do this all night.

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