Nudging slowly towards Asia [October 1st, North Pacific Ocean (8 days till Busan)]

This does not give a good idea
of how rocky the ocean was.
It was, however, a gorgeous day.
The night was hellish, but I still managed to sleep through it.


The large swell we were promised yesterday and that had in fact kicked off at some point last night stepped up a notch as we tried to sleep. Apparently the wave height reached 5 meters (which isn’t so bad) but it became incredibly windy. I awoke several time in the night, once the result from a large crash from somewhere in my cabin. I went and checked it out later and found that my toothbrush had been knocked over. I awoke for good around 6, and continued reading Through the Language Glass, expecting that I could polish it off today despite the lazy day I had had yesterday. It’s a shorter read than it looks.
How the hell did I not notice
this earlier?
For breakfast we had French toast, which all of us passengers had been anticipating for some time. Afterwards I went up the bridge, at this point mostly as a part of my post breakfast ritual. I thought things were bad in my cabin. On the bridge you felt every wave much more strongly than you would on lower levels. To give you an idea of how much more strongly I felt it, if the waves are ‘ground level’, then the bridge is either the 10th or 11th floor. I lost balance a few times as I stood up there. The charts showed that we were approaching the peninsula on Russia’s east coast, and that this swell we were suffering through would last the rest of the day and night. It might even get worse.
I decided not to go to the gym (just to give my muscles a day to relax) and spent the morning reading Modern China; a very short introduction and Language Glass. At some point I noticed that

the painting on my wall had fallen over in the night. How the hell did I miss that this morning?


And this.
Finished this.
Beef Goulash and French fries for lunch, followed by ice cream. After lunch I took a quick stroll around the ship, to take some pictures. I also wanted to see if I could capture a video of how bad the bat was rocking. Not sure I succeeded. After that, I continued reading till I finished both Modern China and Language Glass, then took a brief stroll to the ship’s stern and then did some laundry. The weather only got worse throughout.
After lunch I did laundry and wasted some time. Started reading Who owns the Future? by Jaron Lanier. It’s the last of the books I really want to finish before disembarking. Dinner was roast pork with French fries. Afterwards I did a little more reading, then watched Touch of Cloth with

the other passengers. Tried to go to bed early, then remembered I needed to set my clock back an hour. Decided to read a little before going to bed.

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