Nudging slowly towards Asia [September 29th, 2015, Bering sea (10 days till Busan)]

Can’t say I enjoyed it

I woke up early for no good reason (around 4am) but managed to fall asleep again. By 6am I was up for good, and the heavy rocking of the ship made me think it was going to be another rocky morning. I finished reading Wool before breakfast, then jumped outside to find an absolutely gorgeous day. I guess the Bering sea is just a bit rocky by nature. Thank god we won’t be on it too long.

Sausage goulash for breakfast. Sailors need their energy.
Continued with Plato at the Googleplex after breakfast, then an hour at the gym. I began writing this journal entry when I got a call in my room informing me that there were donuts in the mess for tea time. While eating the donuts the other passengers and I discussed what ingredient you could put on a hamburger to ruin it (assuming the ingredient was of a high quality). We failed to come up with an answer.
More reading till lunch (pork schnitzel), followed by more reading (attempted China Mievile’s The Scar, then put it down in favor of And the Mountains Echoed). At 3:30 we were called to pay the captain for the provisions we had purchased so far (mostly beer and water). Bright boy that I am, I forgot to bring US dollars with me to pay for my provisions, so I had to take a loan out from one of the other passengers (to be paid back in Chinese Yuan). While I was in the captain’s office, he spoke me about the possibility of disembarking in Tokyo. He mentioned that if we did so, we would be dropped off at a shopping mall, and would at best have two hours on shore. I also asked him if the Bering Sea was always this fierce. He said that it was.

It doesn’t show, but it was very, very cold.
On my way back to the cabin I stopped off outside to snap a few pictures. It was unbearably cold, and I don’t think I was out there more than a few seconds before I decided that this was not the weather for me, and went back inside for more reading. I polished off Googleplex and began Through the Language Glass by Guy Deutscher.


Dinner was fine, but afterward the Chief engineer warned us that we would be heading into some rough seas tomorrow. We went upstairs to the rec room and watched a few episodes of Black Mirror before going off to bed.

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