Nudging slowly towards Asia [27th September, North Pacific Ocean, Aleutian Islands, Inumak pass (12 days till Busan)]

The fog had calmed down by the time it got light enough for a
decent photograph.

My morning peak out the deck showed a fog so thick that you could not see more than a hundred feet or so (you could not see beyond the length of two containers). I was happy to lie back in bed and continue reading Plato at the Googleplex, which is dense, but very rewarding.
During breakfast (just eggs and the usual fresh bread) Stevan and Jane gleefully reminded me that by four in the afternoon we would be back in orca territory, and that we should make a point of going to see if we could spot any. They had started their breakfast before me, so they went up to the deck first while I stayed a while longer and chatted with one of the chief engineer, the eldest on the ship (born in 1946), who told me of his home in Thailand, where he has been living for the past 28 years (talk about someone who really commits to being an ex-patriot). I went to the deck on my own and took a look at a new chart that detailed the southern coastline of Alaska, and our trajectory through it.
I read for a little, but decided that today was the day I would finally make it to the gym, and did a rather full hour there. Afterwards I returned to my room, showered, then returned to my reading.
On Sundays, the chef works a half day. Dinner will be disappointing, but lunch was grand. I came down to find a bottle of red wine awaiting us passengers. We had a cream of potato soup, followed by

More dismal weather

Steak tenderloin and French fries. The steak was excellent. No, it was fucking excellent. Hands down one of the best steaks I had had in a while.
I decided to have a less reading intensive day, and so after lunch I hung out with Stevan and Jane. We played another game of Settlers of Catan, which despite their insistence at being a fast paced game, seemed to go on for hours. I won, but I got the impression that it begrudged them both to see me do it. I refuse to belief it had anything to do with skill, and accredit the victory solely to luck. Afterwards we went up to the bridge to take a look around. According to the charts, we were getting pretty close to some Alaskan islands (but not yet the Aleutian islands, which we would pass very close to later on), though the fog was incredibly thick again. Afterwards we killed some time watching TV, till about five when I spent about half hour looking for whales till dinner. We might as well have been sailing through a cloud for what I could see.

My laptop hooked up to a large screen TV via HDMI.

Dinner wasn’t bad; a taco made from leftovers and a pizza made from left overs accompanied by potato salad and some noodles. By the time dinner was through the sun had all but set. Being this far north, we were hoping to catch a glimpse of the northern lights, but it was far too cloudy to see Black Mirror in the officer’s recreation room. They took to bed pretty early, but I wanted to stay awake long enough to see if the Aleutian Islands would yield some cell reception with which I could check my email. No such luck (damn you T-Mobile!). I played a video game till about 11pm (with the one hour push time zone change)
anything. After that the passengers and I took to watching

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