Nudging slowly towards Asia [26th September, somewhere in the North Pacific Ocean (13 days till Busan Korea)]

Just a shot of the ship as it moved through the Pacific.
A fairly uneventful day of reading. I woke up late and went right down breakfast, though not before peeking outside to find it sunny and not nearly as windy as the day before. Went up to the bridge to talk to the Chief Officer about our location, and saw that we were still heading northward following the Canadian coast. Obliged myself to read more of Woolafterwards, still finding the book to be a bit boring. Plato at the Google was much more captivating, though rather difficult.
An uneventful lunch. Afterwards I watched some TV shows with Stevan before going back to more reading. I was finding it difficult to concentrate on my reading, so I took a stroll to the bow, but this time I had the forethought to put a jacket on, as it was much colder.
Dinner was likewise uneventful.


The captain had scheduled a karaoke party for after dinner. He relieved much of the crew and some
The ship’s sign as seen from the top-most deck (the bridge)

of the officers. The majority of the sailors smoke, so the room became thick with a cigarette fog pretty quickly. The room was darkened except for a few lights that gave the party reddish brown tinge. The mess man brought huge trays of fried fish, sausage, and a cold salmon salad. Every time a sailor headed to the fridge to get themselves a drink they would check to see if our beers cans were full, and bring us new ones if they were. The chief engineer, a grizzled old man, smoked a cigar and refused to sing. The TV that showed the song lyrics displayed video footage from a Victoria’s Secrets photoshoot. I could only handle a few hours in the room, and called it a night pretty early (9pm or so, adjusting for the time zone change).

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